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Project Management:
We work with many clients on assessing the most cost effective solutions to there construction or environmental need. A work plan and budget is created for each project with timelines and deliverables outlined.

Soil Remediation:
We evaluate the available remedial options, such as excavate and haulage, bioremediation, soil vapour extraction and on site containment based risk assessment. We select and manage the chosen strategy based on considerations of cost, effectiveness, time, proposed land use and human health.

Excavation and Haulage:
We provide the excavation, demolition and haulage of soil in both the residential and commercial markets . We provide the transportation and disposal of clean fill through the use of tri-axle dump truck, tandem dump trucks and dump trailers. We have a variety of excavators, backhoes, bulldozers, loaders, bobcats and mini excavators.


soilcan project gallery

Have a look at the image gallery on our Soilcan Projects page which contains information on projects we have worked on for our clientel.

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